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Todd m. neiss

A life changing epiphany...


The conservancy has an ambitious, long-term  research agenda; unlike any organization in existence today. 


One of the primary objectives of the American Primate Conservancy is teaching about the many wonderful mysteries in nature has to share.  Our members are extensively involved in offering workshops, facilitating outdoor youth camps, and organizing full-scale field expeditions.  Education is an integral part of what the conservancy is about; learning about nature and how best to conserve it.

On a clear spring day, in Oregon’s temperate Coast Range, a Soldier found himself face to face with a legend.  On April 3rd, 1993, while conducting explosives training with the 1249th Combat Engineers, Sergeant Todd Neiss observed three enormous bipedal creatures watching their convoy from across a ravine.  Originally a skeptic, he was forced to accept what he was seeing with his own eyes.

Since that fateful day, he has dedicated his life to proving the existence of these amazing creatures.  With over 23 years of field investigations and large-scale expeditions, his reputation as a serious researcher has grown exponentially.  He has been honored to be called upon for numerous public speaking engagements; as well as countless interviews and television appearances.

Together with my wife and fellow researcher, Diane Stocking Neiss, we have consolidated our research and formed the American Primate Conservancy; a non-profit science and educational foundation predicated on the discovery, knowledge, research, recognition and protection of these incredible beings.

Todd M. Neiss

 Mission & Vision

The conservancy is predicated on the premise that these amazing creatures do, in fact, exist in the densely forested Pacific Northwest.

Our ultimate mission is to produce irrefutable evidence of their existence, gain them official recognition, and provide them legal protection.

The conservancy has a very ambitious long-term, multi-phased, strategic plan to make that a reality.

diane s. neiss

President of the Conservancy

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