Here's your chance to help bring a legend to life!

Your generous donation will contribute to ongoing scientific research seeking irrefutable evidence of the existence of the creatures known as Bigfoot or Sasquatch.  Your support will help us once and for all establish the fact that this species is an integral part of the ecosystem and deserving of our respect and, if need be, protection.

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The American Primate Conservancy

​Domestic Non-Profit Corporation - Oregon

Founded: October 15, 2015

​Employer Identification Number: 81-0702529

​Certificate Of Existence: 342C841B2

Registry Number: 1553805-94

Beneficiary: The Jane Goodall Foundation

P.O. Box 13, Welches, Oregon  97067


President: Todd M. Neiss

​Vice President: Diane S. Neiss​​

The American Primate Conservancy

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